Master the Lumber Market with Wherwood Insights

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Compare your product offerings and pricing with those found online to ensure competitive pricing and presentation.

Comprehensive Online Market Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of the North American forestry and wood products industry, staying ahead means having access to the right information at the right time. Our Lumber Market Reports are your gateway to understanding the market's current dynamics, with tools designed to empower your business decisions.

Online Retail Tracking

We meticulously monitor a broad list of online stores, along with major platforms like eBay, Pinterest, and Amazon, to gather data on online pricing, sales volumes, and consumer preferences. 

Search Trends

Through analysis of top online sellers, we provide deep insights into search behaviors and keywords. This data is crucial for ensuring that your products are visible and appealing to potential customers searching online.

Tailored Market Entry Strategies

We arm businesses with data on emerging online market trends and consumer preferences, so you can strategically plan market entry and tailor marketing efforts to capture more sales.

Social Listening Tools

Utilizing social listening, we equip businesses with insights into consumer sentiment and trending topics, enhancing their social media strategies for more engaging and targeted content.

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Benchmarking and Market Analysis

Our comprehensive benchmarking tools allow you to measure your performance against the industry's best. By leveraging detailed market analysis, gain insights into pricing trends, supply chain dynamics, and the competitive landscape. Make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

Consumer Sentiments

Feedback and preferences from end-users, collected through surveys and social media analysis.

Stakeholder Insights

Perspectives from forestry experts, business owners, and industry analysts on market trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Pricing Trends

Historical and current wood prices, including slabs, lumber, and finished goods on the digital markets.

Sales Data

Transaction volumes and revenue figures from various distribution channels.

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Master the Lumber Market with Wherwood Insights

Compare your product offerings and pricing with those found online to ensure competitive pricing and presentation.

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