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Discover, engage, and thrive with Wherwood – your gateway to a greener industry.

Wherwood is more than just an app; it's a revolution in how we think about, interact with, and benefit from the forestry and wood products industry. With a commitment to sustainability at its core, Wherwood connects you to a marketplace of eco-conscious wood products, insights into industry trends, and a community of professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

Explore the Marketplace

Dive into Wherwood's marketplace, where every listing is a step towards a more sustainable future. From locally sourced lumber to handcrafted furniture, discover a world of eco-friendly products. Our live preview gives you a glimpse into the vibrant activity of our community's offerings. With Wherwood, finding and selling sustainable wood products has never been easier or more impactful.

Quickly find products that meet the highest environmental and social standards, promoting conscious purchasing decisions.

Explore goods from nearby sellers, fostering community connections and highlighting the local biodiversity and craftsmanship

Transparency allowing buyers to make informed decisions based on the seller's reputation and commitment to sustainable practices.

Unlock Industry Insights

Navigate the forestry and wood products industry with Wherwood’s interactive data visualizations. Leveraging our extensive database, we transform complex data into accessible insights. Explore market trends, understand product demand, and visualize the impact of sustainable practices—all through intuitive and engaging charts and graphs. With Wherwood, gaining a deeper understanding of the industry’s dynamics and making informed decisions has never been easier.

Users can interact with charts showing historical and current market data for wood products, including price trends and demand fluctuations. 

Visualize the impact of sustainable forestry practices through data on certified products, conservation efforts, and the adoption of eco-friendly materials in the market.

Detailed graphs and charts that break down the availability, popularity, and sustainability ratings of various wood species and products within the marketplace.

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